Hubcap at Magazine and Second

I couldn’t really take it anymore. Way too many days off the bike, except for short, short task rides. So I suited up for the rain and headed down to the Treme to meet up with friends for a little mayoral debate viewing party. It was still raining lightly and I rode ever so slowly, not exactly thrilled, especially when I hit some potholes disguised by water. Continue reading

Rainy Street at Magazine and 8th

This will be a short post, because I didn’t see much while riding my bike today because it has been raining for what seems like forever, and I’ve been in end-of-the-semester work mode, and I don’t love riding in the rain, especially since my glasses get fogged almost immediately so that I can’t see anything, and I haven’t gotten to ride my bicycle all day in over a week, and it’s driving me crazy. But I saw this–a shiny, rainy street while I vainly tried to wait out the thunderstorm. Here’s the picture. I felt pretty frustrated when I took it, but looking at it now, it’s kind of pretty. Good vibes for dry air, people.

Foggy Park at Annunciation and Upperline

It has been raining. A lot. I have managed, by some miracle, to just miss the big downpours this week, but it has also meant no nice long rides without fear of deadly wet gravel, and no blogs. I went to pick up my bike from N.’s house, left when the skies opened up yesterday. It wasn’t raining tonight, but it was incredibly foggy. Continue reading

King Cakes at the Walgreens on St. Charles

I can’t get this picture to rotate the right way. That’s because I took it with my new cellular telephone (I hope the thief who swiped my old one has had a chance to make all his/her important calls), and I now have to learn how to use it. Perhaps after finals are over the students shall become the teachers. In the meantime, tilt your head and behold what I found at the Walgreens tonight. Continue reading

Cigarette Machine at the Avenue Pub on St. Charles

Ok, I know we all talk about weather too much, but I’ve got to tell you, it was sunny and in the seventies today. I was actually sweating on my ride up to campus for final exam #1. It was such a lovely respite from the cold of the past week. My apologies to the neighbors up north–I hear you’re shivering in a blizzard. After proctoring a four hour final (!) I zipped over to the Avenue Pub for the Metro Bicycle Coalition open meeting. Continue reading

Lights at the Walgreens at Dauphine and Canal

The last week or so of rides have been largely task rides. Even when I was riding for pleasure, I was usually looking for a places to put posters or flyers for the Bicycle Film Festival. Today was stormy, but I was excited to get to ride for pleasure to meet friends at a fancy bar on North Rampart for fancy drinks. Continue reading

Bike Parking at Zeitgeist Multidisciplinary Arts Center

After a quick car ride today to invest in another cell phone (thanks for nothing, thief), I hopped on Rhoda and headed over to Oretha Castle Haley to help set up for the Bicycle Film Festival at Zeitgeist. My local radio station had informed me that a festival of sorts was also being held on the street. I like a good mash-up, so I was hoping both crowds would be there together. Continue reading