Azaleas in Front of Gibson Hall at Tulane


I had one of those incredibly long days at work, 9-9, but I had a couple hours between daytime and nighttime events and spent one of them doing laps around Audubon Park. Pedal, pedal, pedal, it was just what I needed. I rolled back in to campus and stopped to take a picture of the azaleas spread out across the main entrance. That’s some wild color out there, my friends. It’s all over the city. This place is beautiful right now. When I finally headed home it was too dark to see the color, but every once in awhile, a little jasmine.

Super Sunday Crowds at Washington & Freret

It’s the first day of spring today, and it is also the closest Sunday to St. Joseph’s Day, which means in New Orleans that today is Super Sunday. This is the day that most of the Mardi Gras Indian tribes from all over the city come together to parade through Central City and then gather in the park, displaying their suits and rehydrating after marching in the heat wearing up to 150 pounds on their backs. After getting a little of this and a little of that done, I hopped on the bike and headed out to meet S. for an afternoon with the rest of the city to loiter, linger, and look. Continue reading

The Moon Over Downtown New Orleans From the Jeff Davis Overpass

See that glowing orb in the upper left of this picture, above the building and across from the crane? No, not the glowing rod that is the Falstaff apartments but the circle. Yeah, that’s the moon. It was very big and very bright tonight. I watched it rise from the horizon above the rooftops Uptown. I rode my bike and stopped at the highest point in New Orleans (to me): the Jeff Davis pedestrian overpass, passing over I10 to snap this photo and stare at the giant moon (and I was not the only one doing that tonight). Continue reading

Graffiti at Washington & Gayoso

I wasn’t planning on going out tonight, but when M. asked if anyone was watching basketball games outside with beer, I jumped on board (and partly so I could go ride my bike in this beautiful spring weather). I took the Surly and headed over to the bar in Bayou St. John, and the pedaling felt so easy and smooth, just like I like it. Continue reading

Tulane VS Southern in the Women’s NIT at Fogelman Arena


Today’s bike ride was a short one, but it took me somewhere good: up to campus to see the Tulane women’s basketball team take on Southern in the first game of the NIT. I love watching sports, and college basketball tourney time is one of my favorites (in spite of my qualms about college sports, but that’s for another time). And for six bucks I could get a little taste of some live basketball action–big win! I snapped this picture halfway through the second half, when Tulane was up by 30. Yeah, it wasn’t even close, and I’m sure that had something to do with all the knee braces on those Lady Jags. Oh, and perhaps the smothering defense of the Green Wave. Something else entirely was happening in the case of the bands, however. If I’d been playing in the Tulane band, I’d have been peeing in my pants. After the game I rode home, made a quick stop at N.’s for a nightcap of basketball, and was grateful for the cool nights of spring. Here’s hoping there are many more.

Empty Stage at Southern Repertory Theater at Canal Place

I have a long history of insomnia, which means I’m quite adept at dealing with it, but that doesn’t mean after a few days of it I’m not tired. So yeah, today I was tired. My commute to campus felt twice as long and my legs were heavy and slow. The students were game, though, so classes went well as they picked up my slack. After writing this rec letter and reviewing that honor’s thesis, I was finally ready to bike home and take a quick nap before getting back on my bike and heading down to the theater for IntrĂ­ngulis at Southern Rep where I would bartend for my ticket. Continue reading

Blighted Building at Bernadotte & Baudin

I spent the day working from home on the endless revisions of this endless article, and after a lovely chat with the lovely R. who stopped by to recount yesterday’s victorious master’s thesis defense–yay!–it was time to take the bike out. I headed toward the lake ISO pelicans on this perfectly sunny spring day. I needlessly worry sometimes that that 20 mile loop will ever get old, so today I took a left after I rolled off the Jeff Davis overpass and rode around Mid-City for a bit, figuring I’d end up at the lake at some point. Continue reading