Acupuncture at St. Anna’s Episcopal Church

Free Acupuncture at St. Anna's Episcopal ChurchTonight’s bike ride took me down the the Treme to meet D. and E. for dinner at St. Anna’s Episcopal Church at Marigny and Esplanade. D. and I got there after the service was over but were easily welcomed in for red beans and rice (perfectly seasoned), salad, and bread. Continue reading

FEMA Formaldehyde Trailer Claims Office

FEMA Formaldehyde Trailer Claims OfficeToday’s ride took me through the CBD and over toward Mid-City via Tulane Avenue. Tulane is only a couple streets uptown from Canal, but it feels so, so much different. Continue reading

New Orleans Katrina Memorial at Charity Hospital Cemetery

Katrina Memorial at Charity Hospital CemeteryThe weather was lovely this morning so i got up early and took a nice long bike ride.  A couple of days ago I drove out Canal with the baby sis in tow, looking for Lake Pontchartrain. I ended up in Old Metairie after taking a left, so today I decided to ride out Canal to see where I would have ended up if I’d taken that right.  Continue reading

USCT Graves at Chalmette National Cemetery

Chalmette National CemeteryJazz Fest is here in New Orleans, and the weather just couldn’t be better for it. I’m not going this weekend, opting instead for the more affordable and more my speed Festival International Louisiane in Lafayette. Before heading off for music galore, though, I decided to take a day riding around this beautiful town, away from crowds. Continue reading

Drawbridge Over the Industrial Canal at St. Claude

Drawbridge at the Industrial CanalYep, another beautiful day in New Orleans, as evidenced by the sky in this picture. I decided to take an easy ride today, as I’m a little sore from the past week of near-constant riding. After work I took Jack down to the Marigny to do a little writing at the coffee shop. Then we tooled over to a bar for the infamous Tater Tachos (nachos, but with tater tots instead of chips) and a beer. I was going to head home, but as the sun started to wane, just a little bit, it was a touch cooler and I decided to zip up the St. Claude bike lane over to the Lower Ninth. Continue reading

Bikes on Lake Pontchartrain at the Tour de Lis

Tour de Lis on LakeshoreI didn’t ride a bicycle for three days in a row.  I can’t remember the last time that happened.  But I was on a trip to Kansas City for a conference, and didn’t bring my bike with me.  I rode the bus and walked, jealously eyeing cyclists as they sped up and down the hills on Main Street.  After a truly awful flight home (Houston, you’ve got some problems), the last thing I wanted to do was wake up at 6:30 in the morning for a group bike rideContinue reading

Overgrown Lot and Decaying Fence at St. Philip and St. Claude

Abandoned Doorway in the TremeToday was hot and humid, a little reminder of what we’ll be in for as summer gets here. I love summertime in New Orleans, so I was happy to get out on a bike ride. I headed to Mid-City to meet up with a friend for a ride to the Bywater for lunch. I could feel the sun baking my back, and it sure was. I’ve got a bit of a sunburn, unfortunately. Continue reading

Film Set at Barracks and St. Claude

Props at Barracks and St. ClaudeI’m on spring break and the weather is perfect.  That means bike riding, of course.  Today I tooled down to to the Marigny to meet some friends for coffee and reading.  But I was having such a good time feeling the sunshine and listening to music that I decided to zip up and down all the streets in the Quarter, which were virtually empty, before heading to the cafe.  It felt so good.  Continue reading

Picnicking at the Fly

Picnics at the FlyIt’s the first full day of my spring break, and I couldn’t be more pleased. The weather was fantastic, so I went for a long ride along the Mississippi after a day of basketball, lunch, coffee, and reading. Yeah, rough life, eh? I was not the only person who thought the levee would be a nice place to toast this first day of spring (and my mom’s birthday–happy birthday, ma! Love you!). Continue reading

Lindy Boggs Medical Center in Mid-City

Abandoned Hospital in Mid-CityThe sun came out again today thank goodness.  I hadn’t ridden my bicycle in two whole days–which is a really long time.  I was getting itchy.  So after riding to and from work today I took Jack out for a long ride around Mid-City.  Continue reading