Houses at Vicksburg Near Porteous

Houses in LakeviewI finished up some last-minute work on this semester’s syllabi yesterday and decided to spend the waning hours of my summer on my bike. It was surprisingly dry yesterday–N. said it was only 15% humidity–and the sky was blue, no thunderstorms threatening. Perfect. Continue reading

Stop Sign at Prytania and Joseph

Stop Sign at Prytania and Joseph St.Today I rode up to campus along Prytania, enjoying its smooth asphalt. When it hits Joseph Street, you get to jog right or left, and the asphalt gets considerably bumpier, and the shoulder much smaller. As I tooled up to the stop, I noticed the cartoon stop sign on the house right in front. Continue reading

Rain at St. Louis and Burgundy

Rainstorm in the QuarterI rode my bike down to the Marigny to meet S. for coffee and then back up to work for a meeting early this afternoon. The sun was out and the sky was blue. Not so when I headed down to the Treme tonight. The sky was gray, but i though I might be able to outrace the storm. And I almost did. Continue reading

View of Downtown From O’Keefe and Girod

View of Downtown From BaronneToday’s riding included a task ride to campus where I set up my new office. This may make me unpopular with some of my colleagues, but I’m actually really looking forward to classes starting. Clean slate, new students, new readings…I love the start of school. Continue reading

Woodward, Wight, and Co. in the Warehouse District

Woodward, Wight, and Co., Ltd. Warehouse #9Today’s ride took me down to the Treme for S.’s going-away brunch. It seems like people are always leaving, like New Orleans is a stop on the road to elsewhere for lots and lots of folks. It can be sad to say goodbye so often, but S. is off to bigger and better things in New York City. Continue reading

Popeye’s at Claiborne and Milan

Popeye's on ClaiborneI left my house around 2:00 this afternoon, clipped in to my bike and hoping to run in to trouble somewhere. That’s my idea of a perfect Saturday afternoon. I started by tooling over to 4238 Claiborne, where I snapped this photo of Popeye’s. Continue reading

Contemporary Architecture at Seventh and Dryades

Contemporary House at Seventh and DryadesThere’s nothing like a ride through Central City to sober a girl up. I took Dryades on my ride down to the Treme today. S. goes in for surgery at 5:00am tomorrow, and I thought it best to stay down here rather than bike down in the morning. Continue reading