Concrete Foundations at Louisa and Law

It was cool and stormy today, but it’s Bike Bash 2009, so I headed out to take in some events. I was all set to volunteer at RUBARB‘s Bike Rodeo for kids, but they had too many volunteers and not enough work to do. That’s a really, really good problem to have, it seems to me. Continue reading

Goldsprints at Handsome Willy’s on N. Robertson

Tonight was the opening-night party for Bike Bash, a weekend celebrating bikes and bike culture in New Orleans, sponsored by Metro Bicycle Coalition, Plan B, and RUBARB. I was excited to ride my bike to a place where lots of other folks were riding their bikes. Continue reading

New Orleans Recreation Department Tennis Center at Loyola and Marengo

I rode home from work shivering in the slightly chilly weather (I need a cold weather haberdasher–I’m terrible at dressing myself once it drops below 70!) along Loyola through Central City. The asphalt is really, really nice in that neighborhood, but it doesn’t exactly look like a neighborhood that would have newly paved roads. Continue reading

Unity Temple on St. Charles at Peniston

That’s right, it’s kind of cool in New Orleans today. You’d think it was icy outside, given the winter get ups I saw out there today. I liked biking home in the crisp air and sunshine, though. I stopped to take a picture of the Unity Temple on St. Charles and Peniston. Continue reading

Basketball Backboard at Baronne and Washington

I had a lovely day today, back at work, feeling so, so much better. After biking to and from work in the sunshine, the clouds were rolling in and the air was getting thick. It was spitting just a tiny bit when I hopped on the bike to meet friends for dinner, and by the time I was tucked in to the booth, the sky had opened up and poured. D. even reported hail! Continue reading

Mardi Gras Indians at the Congo Square Rhythms Festival

Mardi Gras Indians at Congo Square Rhythm FestivalI feel so, so much better today, so I was eager to get out on the bike for a play ride after cleaning the house and watching the Saints win. Again. Though this time it seemed unnecessarily close–c’mon, guys, we were playing the Rams! Anyway, I rode down to Louis Armstrong Park to catch some of the Congo Square Rhythms Festival, where I snapped this picture of three Mardi Gras Indian tribes doing their thing. Continue reading

The Set at Southern Repertory Theater

Set at Southern Repertory TheaterThe worst part of being sick is not feeling well enough to ride your bike. Well, that’s the worst thing for me. I’ve been a bit under the weather for awhile now, but this weekend I have really just been feeling rotten. I’ll ride a bike with a cold, but it’s frustrating to not be able to breathe right, and to have each breath remind you that your throat hurts. Continue reading